Irish female artists that made history | Guest post by Helen Brady

Ireland has a strong and prominent history of visual artists and I will present some of them in this article I have written for Baroque||Urban. Many whom have delivered their works to all corners of the world. But the female

Timişoara: City of Culture | Guest post by Helen Brady

It is true to say, that Timisoara is a powerhouse of culture, beauty and art of all forms. One of its many beautiful galleries that I visited recently, Muzeul de Artă, houses some of the most beautiful examples of European

Instalație video “Dantela” a Josephei Blanchet

de MIRELA VLĂDUȚI Josepha Blanchet este o artistă din Franța, care a studiat “Beaux Arts” la Toulouse, a intrat în contact cu picturile lui Gheorghe Fikl și a devenit fascinată de lucrările acestuia. În cadrul expoziției “Fikl – de la