When coming to Timisoara I didn’t expect to see such a colourful cultured city. Everywhere I look in the city able to see different types of art forms from the beautiful architecture and pale pastel colouring to contrasting bright, vibrant and abstract diverse street art and of course its beautiful art galleries which I had the pleasure to visit one. I visited Muzeul de Arta it was breathtakingly simplistic and beautiful. The Art Museum, where Baroque||Urban art event has taken place for the last two years, houses some amazing examples of European art in its Baroque styled building. The art work inside dates from the 18th century to right up to 2016. I personal found the building versatile with many different themes throughout which I found intriguing and complementary to the art.

One exhibition that stood out to me and really captured my attention was the profound work by Tudor Banus. His work portrays a beautiful mixture of pellucidity, rapture and enthusiastic movements that I have never came across in art work before. This alone really interested me to his work. From studying the art work he had in the exhibition I can only presume Banus was an extremely extravagant and playful person with a never ending imagination and an extraordinary eye for detail. Which he portrays in his subject matter with narcotic and colourful activity that would capture the attention and eye of anyone. His work is full of surprises in my opinion everywhere you look within the painting you are able to create a scene or find another image which really caught my eye and appealed to me as you could study his work for a long period of time and not lose interest. I feel like Banus creates these intense images by playing around with the extraordinary and ordinary and coming up with something that is very personal to him but still extremely relatable.
One piece of work that stood out to me and I felt I connected with was ‘Hidden Love’. This piece portrays a woman who suggests to be in a connection or ‘hidden love’ with everything female related like a flow or circle where by woman support each other. This type of ellusion creates eye movement throughout the piece and fascinate one. An area of this piece which really spoke to me exceedingly to me is in the centre of the piece. The main subject matter the female figure seems to be supported by another female figure where they seem to be balancing an image of the wold. This image is very strong. Some may take this empowering image that the two female figures are working as one to conquer the world. As we see no male impute through the piece I feel like this is a message to woman to stand strong and not to depend on the male race. Another theme I feel that runs through this piece is one of time. Time passing and the development of woman and who they have become through time. This part of the piece sends the mind wild as it lets you make personal connections with the women characters in the piece which give the viewer a relationship with art. These are just two viewpoints I found at the forefront that I felt best describes the piece created by Banus.

As I was completely new and open minded to Timisoara and its culture I appear completely captured by its buoyant beauty. I feel in comparison to Irelands style and culture its powerful use of the simple cool pale colours on the impressive buildings stands out to me and is something that I will take with me. I do not question that every day the art culture in Timisoara will arise and grow more while establishing itself into something new and capturing the attention of people, making them to infatuated with what this alluring city has to offer.

Louise Earley is an art student from Ireland, who visited Timisoara for 3 weeks and had an internship at META Spațiu. The main focus of this exchange programme, in collaboration with Asociatia pentru Promovarea Femeii din Romania, through Erasmus, was our annual art event Baroque||Urban, that takes place in Timisoara.